We (meaning the WFN community) are primarily interested in The Art and Science of Building Lean Muscle Mass and An Awesome Physique for Men Over 40.  Our old slogan is still applicable too:  “Get Up And Do Something About The Way You Look!”

But What Does This Really Mean?  And Why Should You Care?

The rest of this page tells you what this vision means.  You should care because we want this to be a community of people with similar goals.  You should read this to see if it fits you – if it does, then sign up, tune in, and contribute!  If it doesn’t fit you, that’s ok.  There are tons of other web places that will.

The rest of this page describes where we are focused.   But we’re by no means exclusionary.  For example: this is written by men, so we are naturally attuned to the information and techniques men care about.  But since 90% of what works for men also works for women, all you ladies out there can find tons of value in our community too!  And unlike some muscle-focused blogs, we’re clean here and family-friendly.  So no woman or man, regardless of status in life, socio-demographic, orientation, etc. should feel out of place.

The WFN Vision Is For You If You Are

  • Looking to create and maintain a powerful, lean physique (“physique” = the natural constitution, or physical structure, of a person; emphasizing the trained muscular structure); looking good and being comfortable “at the beach”
  • Trying to build lean muscle mass
  • Over 40 yrs old (and even older!)
  • A beginner to intermediate; if you are already an expert, in great shape, some of this might be redundant for you
  • Just about any body shape:  Skinny to slightly overweight; flabby and out of shape; or moderately muscular but seeking leaner muscle (but we’re not here to talk about being shredded)
  • Wanting to be healthy for day to day activities, including things like playing football with your grandkids
  • Interested in feeling healthy (yes, you can be healthy without feeling healthy and we want to feel healthy too!)
  • Excited about weight training
  • Mature, looking for a family-friendly alternative to most of the muscle-building forums (though we’re not preachy or anything, we just want a clean site)
  • Wanting to eat right, for maximum performance in life and a better physique
  • Looking for a place you can contribute as well as learn; unlike some of the major muscle-focused sites with 100,000+ members where you are just part of the noise
  • Seeking science, not hype
  • Curious about better technique and habits
  • Needing some motivation from time to time to stay on track with your fitness goals

WFN Is NOT About:

  • Getting huge like the Hulk
  • Competitive-level bodybuilding (we won’t cover the special topics needed for competition)
  • Combating severe obesity; if you are severely obese, you need a doctor and special attention we are unlikely to provide
  • Not looking to trash talk, meet singles, hook-up or anything like that
  • Being skinny-fat, where you are thin but still look sickly and out of shape (often associated with marathon runners who do no weight training)
  • Shredding (terminology here:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his day, was “ripped”, not “shredded”; today’s competition bodybuilders are “shredded” where it looks like their skin is as thin as plastic wrap, and pretty disgusting)
  • Olympic weightlifting (though popular culture has started to use “weightlifting” to mean weight training, it traditionally means Olympic weightlifting; we’ll try to avoid the term ourselves but may slip from time to time)
  • Powerlifting; though we love the main 3 exercises of powerlifters (bench press, squats, and deadlifts), we are not simply trying to go for power
  • Starvation diets – in fact, we generally recommend the exact opposite:  eat more and train more to lose more
  • Fads

If you’d like to join – it’s free:

What Physique Results Are We Looking For?

On the simplest level, you can tell what we’re about from the above lists, or by browsing some of our posts.  But pictures might help you see the vision more clearly because these pictures show outcomes that we are or are not interested in.  We all have different body types, so there is no one-size-fits all “great physique”.  But there are commonalities of what we are seeking.  Enough muscle mass to make people notice.  Lean enough to see individual muscles and some separation.  Decent abs.  Strong legs.  An overall athletic look.  To get there, some of you may need to focus on fat loss; others might have to work hard to build enough muscle mass; etc.  Here are some examples of the physiques we are going for.  And no, you don’t have to be in your 20s to attain this!

Now, equally important, is to highlight what we are NOT looking for:

We’re not looking for hugeness, shredding, fat, skinny, skinny-fat, old and flabby…

For example, we’re not going for these two looks – the first guy is to big; the second is so shredded that it’s unattractive:

These next two guys, god bless them, are simply fat.  Yeah, they have some decent muscle under there, but this is not what we are trying for.  These guys would do well to modify their routines and their diet according to our recommendations:

These next two physiques are also NOT what we want:  no muscle to mention, and too skinny:

And for those of us in our 40s, we certainly don’t want to end up like this guy in our 50s or 60s:

So What and When Do We Publish?

We have some pretty big plans for this site in 2009, including some dedicated tracks for special interests.  But in the mean time, here is our new publishing schedule so you can see where we’ll be spending out time:

Mondays – motivation

Tuesdays – technique, weight training

Wednesdays – whatever/random

Thursdays – technique, other (abs, cardio, etc.)

Friday – food and diet

Saturday/Sunday – whatever/miscellaneous

We usually won’t publish every day, but the content we do publish should match these topic areas.

Why Do You Promote Products?

We (the writers) don’t have all the answers, and there are experts with great information packages that will really help you.  With hundreds of books, programs, gadgets, supplements, etc. you probably don’t have time to review them all.  I only recommend a handful of products I firmly believe in and that I have purchased myself.  And WFN will usually keep a % of that sale to help us support the running of this site (you probably have no idea how much time and incidental costs go into WFN!).  But it’s not like those experts are buying us off or anything – we’re just not that important to them!  So yes, you will see us mention and sometimes promote products that you can buy.  You can choose to act on our recommendations or not.

Plus, WFN now offers some original products.  Check the links to the right.

I’m New – Where Do I Start?

For exercises and techniques, start at

For diet advice, which is a super broad topic, here are a few of our most popular posts:

For motivation:

And of course, download our e-book:

What’s Next?

Your next steps are simple:  if this vision resonates with you, sign up here.  Then contribute to the posts in the comments section! We have thousands of subscribers and you all have experiences that can help each other.  In the coming months we will be adding an open forum, but in the mean time you need to chime in.  Don’t be afraid of asking newbie questions – even Arnold Schwarzenegger was a Newbie at one time.  We won’t tolerate anyone demeaning your questions or contributions.  But if you want to send a private comment just to Darrin or other writers, you can do so here.

So join the conversations!

9 Responses to “The WFN Vision”

  1. So what is the deal with the “Over 35″ part of the vision statement? I certainly understand that this site is not intended to be some sort of social networking platform where people obsessed about their body can meet members of the opposite sex who are likewise obsessed with their physique. But what is God’s name is the “20 something scene?!!!!”

    The implication is that all persons under the age of 35 are incapable of being serious about their health and their body. I am a 27 year old female and I have found this site invaluable in assisting me to make real improvements in my physique. Furthermore I think it is important for people in this 20′s who are skinny fat to start learning about the importance of proper diet and weightlifting nowso that they don’t end up just plain fat by the time they are forty.

    I understand the importance of finding a target audience and then tailoring your information and approach to that audience, but I don’t understand the logic of alienating another audience that might find your message equally useful.

    …All that being said. I still love your blog and regardless of your vision for World Fitness Network, this 20 something is here to stay:)

  2. Hi Robyn,

    You’ve obviously not frequented some of the other “bodybuilder sites” LOL! I’m astonished when I do go on to some of those where they are trash talking and some are in fact pretty much social networking sites. Many comments there talk about things I wouldn’t want my kids to read. And unless people are lying about their age, they tend to be younger.

    I used to be young too (of course!), so I’m not throwing stones. I don’t think our Manifesto disparages all people in their 20s (I think that line takes up about 12 words out of over 1000). If I offended you I’m sorry!

    And for sure, there are many people in their 20s that are in a more mature part of their life (sounds like you are one of them). I’ve got a daughter who is 20 and extremely mature. But I do think it’s fair to say that generally, people in their 20s have different outlook than those of us in our 40s. And this is a site with a more mature outlook.

    On the skiny-fat issue – you’ll see in bullet 5 that you are absolutely right, and we do want to help those people. We just don’t want to head in the direction of becoming skinny-fat!

    I’m so glad you love the site and had the courage to comment – keep it coming!

  3. Just a girl surfing the web and I somehow ended up here. But I just had to say that honestly the two guys under “no muscle mass-too skinny” are the only attractive ones on the whole page. To me all the ones that are “ideal” just kind of scream “tool/I’m vain/I’m trying too hard”. That’s just my opinion, but to be completely honest, I know most of the guys that do this won’t really be doing it solely for health, so seriously… exercise is great and all, keep it up, but this is one girl who’d prefer if you didn’t go all six-pack nuts!

  4. Those guys in the middle are NOT FAT. They are what classic body builders used to look like. They didnt have washboard stomachs. They are up to 25% body fat when they weren’t training. I cant believe anyone would call them fat. They dont look lumpy. Fat is lumpy. I dont get this idea that you have to be an extremely low body fat to be in shape. That is not true at all.

  5. Just found your site as I was researching the topic of recuperation time after training. Thanks for all great information on the topics concerning bodybuilding. I have already included your link on my site and will be referencing your information in future articles.



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