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Alright, let’s be honest, we all have those days where it’s tough to get up and go to the gym. You can think of a thousand reasons not to do it, and of course it’s so easy to rationalize that skipping just one day won’t hurt anything.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re body needs plenty of rest for recovery, but plenty of rest can quickly turn into laziness if you let it go too far.

So let’s talk about the other side of things. There are also a million reasons for you to get into the gym. Everything in your life… literally everything can be improved by your workouts, either directly or indirectly. Yep, it’s all connected.

1. Confidence: Some studies have shown that heavy, compound lifts activate the endocrine system and release anabolic hormones into your body such as testosterone. This makes you feel strong and confident. It takes the fear out of you and makes you feel like a real man… no, actually, it does make you into a real man. We’re talking about natural testosterone and its benefits here… this is very different than the synthetic hormones/steroids and their negative side effects. This is ok for the ladies too, since testosterone will only be released in much smaller amounts.

2. Dating: You can tell yourself all day long that you’re not shallow and looks don’t matter… but the reality is that a good looking body is always a plus when it comes to dating. Always. Going from overweight to lean & muscular can dramatically alter your ability to attract the opposite sex. So, if a girl has rejected you recently… maybe it’s not that she was rude or didn’t like you… maybe you’re just too fat. Do something about it.

3. Sleep Better: Most people with sleeping disorders are leading sedentary lives. Studies have shown that the amount of time required to fall asleep is cut in half when you’re working out. Hitting the hay never felt as good as it does after a workout.

4. School: Your workouts will sharpen your brain’s function by increasing the flow of oxygen it can receive. That translates to better grades in school and better job performance. Besides, too much fat can clog your brain… ok, not really, but it is harder to have the clear mind and focus when you’re really out of shape.

5. Enjoy Food More: All this working out will help you to realize that you don’t like to eat crap food anymore. Your appetite will start to increase as your body recovers from heavy workouts, and all those lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes… they suddenly start to taste a lot better. You body will demand real nourishment.

6. Look Better, Feel Better: This will help you with #2. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve the way you look. It’s not vain… it’s human. More people should try to do this through exercise.

7. Water: It never tasted so good as it does after a heavy set. This will help you to kick the soda/junk food habit.

8. Sex life: Increased strength, speed, endurance, stamina, flexibility… enough said.

9. Happiness: You just plain feel good when your body releases endorphins into your blood stream, so go out and get that natural high. You’re less likely to be moping around, sad about life or getting depressed about all the bad things that happened to you. You’ll become one of those positive people who are successful and driven.

10. Dedication: Speaking about success, the hard work ethic you develop in the gym doesn’t drop dead at the door when you leave. That tough guy that you built in the gym walks out of the gym with you, and he knows how to work hard in life. If you have the willpower to finish a tough set of 20-rep squats, you’ll have the willpower to do anything hard in life.

11. Progressive Overload: This term doesn’t apply to the gym only. Your muscles grow as you gradually increase the stress placed on them, and improvement in life follows the same pattern. You learn step-by-step, and you always improve just a little bit at a time. Instead of running from the tough things in life like most people do, you’ll know that these are what make you stronger. You will embrace the challenges in life.

12. Take the edge off: Those giant, juiced-up guys on steroids give us all a bad name with their attitude and bad temper. The truth is, a heavy weight lifting session will calm you down more than anything, and it’s the perfect outlet. Channel your anger and frustration into the bar, not the people around you.

13. Energy: You’re sleeping better and your workouts are giving you steady energy throughout the day. You won’t have to be cranking down coffee or riding the caffeine roller coaster to get through the morning. You’ll have a steady stream of consistent energy that will give you an advantage over the people around you.

14. Stop being a wuss: Once you toughen up the inner man, you won’t have to whine or complain about hard things in life anymore. In fact, you might even begin to volunteer for doing the tough things in life because you know that the only way to grow is by going heavy, whether it’s in the gym or anywhere else.

And you thought you were only making your muscles bigger…

I’d love to hear how training has improved your life as well.

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11 Responses to “Dating, Your Job, & Sex… Workouts Make it All Better”

  1. Nice Blog. I like the layout you used. Did you make that yourself?

    - Randy Nichols.

  2. Thanks Randy. I guess you could say I made it myself. I started off with a free theme and basically changed it to the point that it no longer looks anything like the original. Does that count? ;)

  3. I’ve always been a great looking guy but I didnt get my hot gf until i replaced some fat with some muscle !

  4. Of course it counts Jason ;)

    Anyway, great post. I agree with all the points above, and personally, I have come a long way both physically and mentally by starting to workout. Channeling anger to the bar is also great; it gives you more strength to your rep/set/whatever, and you’re less stressed out afterwards. What’s not to like!

    There’s just something about training really hard that makes you get out of your typical thinking-patterns.

    And thanks for the link! :)

  5. Great article, it’s things like this that make me glad I have a healthy, fit lifestyle!

  6. A.J- And a hot gf is the sweetest reward of all

    Alex- You’re blog is a must read for single men who like women. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it for some time now. Looking forward to more of your stuff!

    Sean- “it’s things like this”… referring to the picture at the top? :)

  7. wow!! this is great article man i love it so much u have given me then real impression of life to never give up in life how hard it might be better work hard on it.

  8. Jason: Excelent Post!!!!! Keep up the great job :)

  9. You nail every benefit right on the head jason,nothing like exercise with a high,natural skin glow and sexy firm body for a chic like me!!I just love it!that was a good write up!!

  10. Great points, I ESPECIALLY like number 14 – wish I could say that to my clients sometimes!
    Training has not only improved my life, but it IS my life! Well, a huge part of it anyway. EVERYTHING works better for me in my life when I workout, in fact I had forgotten how bad I feel without working out until I was forced to rest for 3 days after an injury – I was itching and grumpy and MAN it felt soooo good to hit the gym after that! I’m addicted to endorphins, I love love love them!!! There are many worse things to be addicted to me thinks ;)


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