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Free E-book About Changing Your Body Type: 3 Months to a New You

Want to change the way you look? Are you sick of not seeing the results you want? If so, downloading this free guide will help you to get where you’re going.

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3 Months to a New You is a free report written to help you change your body type. It will help you do the following:

  • Change the way you look and feel
  • Become stronger/ build muscle
  • Lose fat
  • Strengthen your bones and joints
  • Get your eating back on track
  • Find new energy in your life through lifting weights and eating right

In addition, 3 Months to a New You provides you with a workout plan and schedule that you can fit into your normal schedule without having to spend your whole life in the gym. The exercise program is designed to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Build a base of muscle and strength as quickly as possible
  • Lose fat through an increased metabolism
  • See results by training 3 times per week
  • Avoid overtraining
  • Learn proper technique on the most important exercises
  • Transition smoothly into an intermediate training routine
  • Learn how to eat properly and prepare six small meals a day
  • And much more…

Plus, you’ll get access to all the great information on this site – advice that complements the book and helps you get into shape.

Why you should get on the program: The purpose of this e-book and program is to help you to change your body type. You would have to spend countless hours researching to learn how to combine cardio, weight lifting, and eating to get the results you want. You’d have to prepare grocery lists and find dozens of recipes.

3 Months to a New You takes away all the tough planning. It tells you what exercises to do and what to eat for 3 months so that you can hit the ground running. It includes recipes for your daily meals and even a grocery list of what you’ll need to buy to get started.

If you’re already going to the gym and ready for a more intermediate program, that’s fine too. An intermediate training routine is included to help keep you moving.

How to download: 3 Months to a New You can be downloaded for free after you subscribe to the World Fitness Network.

1. Subscribe: Fill in the form to start your subscription.

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Can I just subscribe through an RSS reader? Yes, but you won’t get the free e-book in that case.

Format: This PDF e-book is 50+ pages about how to change your body type and your lifestyle. You are required to have the Adobe Reader to view the e-book which you can download for free by clicking here. Total file size is about 1.5 Megabytes.

Simply follow the steps above to obtain your free copy and get started today.

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  1. would like to try book, thanks Carl

  2. thanks!

  3. i am already subscribed but I dont see the ebook

  4. Hi Jason – are you signed up via RSS or via email? Only email subscribers get the book… I’ll email it to you anyway in this case ok? Perhaps, assuming you are an email subscriber, the original got in your junk folder. Enjoy!

  5. Jason, I’ve 3 years of experience in muscle training. I am keen to know what you have brought new or unique in you eBook.


  6. this is really amazing book for new commer in body building.

  7. thanks

  8. i wanna read this book

  9. thanks my frind fir this good book really i need all information of te sports and exeirsise

  10. I am a new starter, hope this book will help me.

  11. very very nice

  12. thank u ..would like to try

  13. thank you very much

  14. thank you very much

  15. hi i want som tips body bilding and fat loss

  16. want to be in good shape

  17. El Ouafrassi Tarik
    June 20th, 2009 at 4:50 pm


  18. Hey there,

    Just wanted to say Awesome ebook. It is clear, consise (doesn’t take an 8 hour day to read) and can put into practice ASAP.
    You’ve brought together great information from training to nutrition, while not being confusing.

    Great Job and Keep Going!!


  19. Hi i really want to loose fats, i am searching something that really works but there are a lot of sites offering different methods. Came through your site and would also like to read the E-book. Please email it to me lets see how it works.

  20. Hey Darrin do you Twitter?

    I just Tweeted this


    Thanks for the great blog!

  21. hi i want bodybuilding routines and work outs – can you help me sir

    i live in pakistan and here is a confusion of every exercises – every person have some confusion so plz sir help me




  23. Thanks a lot for this book. I’m a guy in my mid 40′s and restarted strength training. I think your book will help.

    BTW: no probs with the download.

    Greetz from Germany

  24. I want to loose weight.I think your book will help.
    Please forward it to me. Thanks

  25. new starter, hope this book has some beneficial ideas .. thanks : )

  26. Keep in mind everyone, that going along with this, the forums on WFN are a GREAT place to get more in depth help. They are free and well worth checking out. Ask a few simple questions until you feel you are ready for more personal questions, if you feel uncomfortable.

  27. Hai,
    I am 40 crossed…now at training..I confidently believe the E Book’s going to help me achieve it..sure

  28. Good day! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give
    a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that
    go over the same topics? Thank you!

  29. Is this program suggested for women too? This website seems to be directed more towards men. I’ve made some major lifestyle changes in the past year and sort of developed my own gym routine. I’m getting good results but there are probably more efficient methods out there. Also, I can’t do squats due to an old knee injury. Is there an alternative exercise or do you think it is possible to ever strengthen the knee to the point that I could do squats?

  30. @Hope – yes, the site certainly is geared towards men, but read this:
    Yes, often with proper training people can overcome knee injuries but you’d need someone hands-on to help you through that, not some internet website (even a great one like this!).

  31. I like to read the book. Thank you for submitting it.

  32. cool

  33. Complete these exercises really work several muscles first, and after that work on those requiring the use of a separate muscle. Carrying this out will help you complete the exercise routines designed to use by far the most power in the first place, when you’re nevertheless feels refreshing and lively. You will end up more efficient training and attention to put to work all of your system, rather than just one muscle group.


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