Subcutaneous Fat vs. Visceral Fat
Subcutaneous Fat vs. Visceral Fat

It’s almost too cliche to have fitness sites talking about abs and stomach fat as summer approaches, but then again, that’s important to most readers this time of year.

Have you heard of the difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat?  Mike Geary has a great article this week on the topic.  You can check it out:

Click Here To Read About Subcutaneous Fat vs. Visceral Fat And How To Lose It

After you read it, let me know what you think – do you want more articles from Mike?

Or do you have any specific questions related to this topic?


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6 Responses to “Stomach Fat – Subcutaneous vs. Visceral Fat”

  1. Not personally a fan or Mike’s take on nutrition, as I feel he is sometimes a bit hypocritical in his views, but his ab exercises are on point. Decent article overall, I like the explanation between the two types of fat.

  2. Hey Cameron – love to hear what parts of Mike’s nutrition stuff you see hypocrisy with. I’m not 100% in alignment with anyone (even myself sometimes!) but I’d say I’m 90% in line with Mr. Geary.

  3. It might not be his beliefs persay as much as the way he says it. For example, he says you can’t spot reduce, then says you can removes stomach fat by not eating certain foods. While I’ve read things like that in the book, I don’t think he means them as a spot reduction technique, but it’s def. worded that way.

  4. Also find his workouts, outside of abdominal training, to be sub-par… but, then again, i’m pretty tough on the ones I make so maybe it’s just me.

  5. Ahh, yeah, the “these magic foods” thing. I actually think he doesn’t play that game as much as a lot of other people and I do think that he’s generally correct but the wording is a bit off. Correct, in the sense that studies (in labs) have shown that certain foods do promote oxidation of fat [not just stomach fat, but all fat, but if you are a guy who carries your extra fat around the middle, then for you it would be stomach fat - I think that's his argument]. And some of his stuff falls into that bro science vs lab science thing – like doing slow cardio on an empty stomach. The people who say that works for fat loss are correct. And the people who say it doesn’t work for fat loss are also correct. Actually, I think I’ll write a whole article on that…

    Anyway, yes, I am not a fan of the magic foods argument even though there is some evidence of it. It’s too complicated, too subtle, and it causes people to get into the mindframe of maybe there’s some easy way to get into shape. There isn’t – it’s hard work, especially as you get older.

    On the routines, not that I need to defend him or anything, but he’s not trying to create routines for overall power or hypertrophy or anything. But the good news is that he promotes compound lifts and lifts that require core stabilization even while working other larger muscles. Especially for beginners who are doing biceps curls and leg extensions, his stuff is an eye opener.

    But nothing compared to a new ebook this guy I know is writing. I think his last name is Stache or something but when it comes out, it will be a good one for people to add to their library…

  6. Word on the street is that he’s co-writing it and waiting on the other dude… You hear about that?

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